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J. Garcia Pereira is the lowest price painter

Our low-price policies are nothing new at J. Garcia Pereira. We understand that in this economy people from all walks of life are looking to get the most for their money.

We have always been known as the “reasonably priced painter” and that’s even more true today. You’ll find that J. Garcia Pereira is consistently the low bidder when you price a project with multiple painting companies, and stands equally alone when factoring in the best quality of workmanship and attentive service.

J. Garcia Pereira always keeps its promise of high-quality workmanship at the lowest price. It’s what we have done for the past 60 years.


J. Garcia Pereira knows what makes customers happy. That’s why all our on-the-job employees know how to limit your stress when on a project. They perform ongoing cleanup rituals to assure a clean job site and lessen the mess created using “good practices” prevention methods. You can rest assured that your comfort and well-being are among our prime considerations in all work preparations.

Although J. Garcia Pereira is well known for expert interior and exterior painting for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial applications, we want to make you aware that we have other services available, executed with the same attention to detail that has given us an enviable reputation for fine interior and exterior painting.

Deck & Wood Preservation • Painting • Polyurethane & Clear Coating • Power Washing • Sheetrock & Plaster Repair • Spackle & Caulking • Staining & Varnishing • Wallpaper Hanging • Wallpaper Removal • Water Damage Repair • Waterproofing

Something else to keep in mind: If you have an insurance adjustor scheduled to come look at your home or office to assess the damage of a claim, you can call us to request (at no additional charge) a J. Garcia Pereira representative to be present at your side.

When you need the services of a Good, Reasonable, Reliable, and Local Long Island Painter, think of us at J. Garcia Pereira!

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Power Washing looks simple, but don’t be fooled. There are very important techniques to a successful cleaning and bleach wash. Amateurs SHOULD NEVER BE USED.

Power washing can be very dangerous if not performed properly. High pressure water can go through many surfaces instantaneously. With a 3000-psi pressure washer, you could carve your name in the side of your house within seconds if you weren’t careful. (Highway crews actually use a version of a pressure washer to cut the holes for dynamite blasting when digging for highway construction.)

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Don’t try to save money by cutting out preparation. Most professionals will agree that proper prep is the single most important component in the longevity of a paint job. Conversely, improper preparation can result in almost instant coating failure.

Don’t leave cracked clapboards or vertical trim without repair or replacement. Moisture could penetrate behind the surfaces and result in paint failure.

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When it comes to paint, more is not necessarily better. Each manufacturer has a recommended thickness for each coating. Most agree that 2 coats are optimum for surface protection. But over time, each additional coat over the home’s original siding actually adds weight that pulls from the surface, eventually causing peeling.

Continuous year after year paint peeling problems are rarely caused by the material used. In most cases, moisture is the reason. We attempt to locate the source of moisture, and present the possible remedies to our customers.

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Don’t store touch-up paint in the garage. It will freeze in winter and reduce its shelf life.


You are missing out as a customer if you don’t get a chance to walk through the job at the time of completion. Our foreman and project managers try to estimate at what point in the day they will be finishing the work, so that our customers can have that last say, and get things done “just to their liking.” Many customers have told us time and time again, that “It’s the little things that count.” We hear you.